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Benefits of dialerHost Phones

  • Lower Costs and Increase Profit with $.0069 per minute rate
  • Optimize Agent Performance with Real Time Monitoring
  • Save Time and Money with Clean, Easy to Navigate Interface
  • Keep Prospects and Clients Engaged with advanced CRM Tools
  • Custom Analytics to Boost Campaign Effectiveness
  • Better Call Quality, More Connections, Tier 1 Premium Routes
  • Save Time and Money with dynamic SIP Trunking
Switching to DialerHost... like upgrading from a Kia to a Bentley… and cutting your car payment in half!

DialerHost phone software for outbound call centers gives you access to all the tools you need to turn your phone room into an ATM that keeps spitting out cash day after day.

Our groundbreaking, cloud-based platform saves you money and creates a stable foundation for rapid scaling. Our clients think it’s the best software on the market… AND at just $25 per seat and $.0069/minute costs, it’s the also the cheapest.

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DialerHost gives you access to everything you need to run incredibly successful outbound campaigns.

  • Intelligent dialing better targets your list at times they are most likely to engage with you. That means agents  spend more time on the phone, but take less time to close a sale.
  • Premium Routing limits hold time for the lead and wait time for the agent. It also gets calls to the agent most likely to close that particular lead. And Tier I premium routes mean more connections, and better call quality.
  • Automated Data Gathering puts all relevant information in front of the agent as the call comes in, limiting the need for extra data entry and notes, so the agent can focus on closing.
  • Customized Analytics allows you to quickly identify what’s working and what’s not. It puts the information you need in front of you, in an easy-to-understand format so you can make better decisions.
  • With access to real time monitoring and a host of teaching and training tools, you can give guidance and support while an agent is on with a lead.

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Thanks to the flexibility of the cloud, setting up and starting a campaign takes hours instead of days or weeks! Configuring settings, adding or removing seats, loading leads… can all be done with a few clicks of a mouse.

in minutes. And with custom analytics you’re always armed with the data you need to make smart adjustments quickly.

DialerHost phones make it easy for you to jump on opportunities - and fix problems - instantly. And opening up new verticals is a breeze with our stable and reliable, yet agile and flexible platform. Plus, with no long term contracts and the lowest rates in the industry, we keep your capital where it belongs… in your hand waiting to be deployed to grow your business.

Support and Optimization

Our system is so simple and easy to use that almost anyone can setup and manage a campaign. And we give you all the tools you need to do that. But we also give you access to an amazing group of expert support staff.

It’s like having a team of consultants and coaches available, and 100% focused on growing your business.

By outsourcing the management of your campaigns you’ll notice immediate returns. Having experts program and manage the dialer, customize the software for your business, optimize routing and call flow…

will result in higher connection rates, you won’t burn through leads as fast, and you’ll convert more sales. But there’s something more important than all of that.

Taking advantage of our incredible support team gives you freedom. You can step away and know that things are going to keep running smoothly and effectively. You can focus your time and attention on where you add the most value… growing your business! And you’ll have access to the inferences, observsations, feedback and suggestions of a group of people that have been fixing, optimizing and improving outbound campaigns for decades.

Security & Reliability

DialerHost is a dynamic, cloud-based system with propriety servers, active backups and iron clad protections. We stay informed about current threats and work tirelessly to maintain the security of our clients information.

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  • Definitely the last predictive dialer that you will need. Our sales has never been this great. Ultimately the best!!! Thank you Dialer Host!!!

    Alice Culan
    Alice Culan Campaign Manager


The system itself is also incredibly stable.

A common occurrence in the outbound call center is the dreaded “outage” where the system goes down. Even a short disruption can result in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars.

With custom, next generation infrastructure, our team of engineers, programmers and developers built a system that’s not only as stable as the Rock of Gibraltar, it can handle enterprise level data and use without batting an eye. Nothing takes this system down.

Even better, with tier 1 premium routes you’re just one hop to the major telecom carriers. That means more connections and better call quality. And with no extra hardware or software needed, the simple, intuitive user interface and a variety of automations and integrations… it’s the most effective phone system on the market today.